Radish & Danish

I’m not complaining, but it’s great to have the time to connect again. So what have you been up to I hear you ask?

Sadly, I’ve had no time for recipe testing but I have been inspired by what’s emerging in the kitchen garden for some of this week’s lunches.  I’m having a Radish renaissance at the moment. I’ve never disliked them, but they were never my first choice of salad vegetable however, with the garden yielding an abundance it looks like over the next few weeks I’ll be getting creative with a lot these hot fuchsia jewels.

Breakfast. Our breakfast buffets are becoming a huge success. Whether it’s platters of traditional cured bacon rolls or the full monty, Northampton businesses seem to be on a breakfast meeting trend at the moment, which is ensuring that each morning begins with the smell of warm danish. Thank you Northampton. Thank you.

Mettings, Meetings, Meetings. All week long, I’ve been meeting with new clients, which is wonderful of course but I’ve also been meeting with a few local businesses regarding some future collaborations. That’s all I’ll say for now but It’s all very exciting.

Be sure to check out the blog again this week for more of what’s going on at The Bread & Butter Factory and more than likely a new Radish recipe.